Ocean Howell – The Poetics of Security

During the 90′s Ocean Howell was a pro skateboarder for Birdhouse. Later on he became an editor and writer at Slap.
In The Poetics of Security: Skateboarding, Urban Design, and the New Public Space (2001) he starts out with a short history and a story
of how skateboarders started to use the streets, left the skateparks for what they were and started to use public spaces to practice their skills.
The good thing about this essay is that it is an academic text from the point of view of a skateboarder. Ocean deals with the subject matter
of the evolving public spaces and the discourses that arise from it, from an insider-outsider point of view. The subject is looked at from
different angles. From the skateboarders to office workers, urban planners, corporations etc.

A pdf of the essay can be found on: