Alien dreamtime
“It matters because it shows that the way out is back and that the future is a forward escape into the past.” –Terence McKenna

According the ‘stoned ape’ theory of Terence McKenna, the discovery and use of psychedelics led to a major leap forward considering the evolution of mankind. Ingestion of certain mushrooms stimulated the visual senses, sexual activities and even some parts of the language-forming region of the brain. Boundaries dissolved and new experiences became known. Evolution was the result of expanding and stimulating the mind and brought us a long way ever since. Eventually science and technology became the new sacred religion. It became the new religion because it gave insights and possibilities to understand. But since they became more and more part of technique and consumerism ideals, it lacked the fulfillment of the religious part. Looking to the past. Feeling nostalgic for the archaic. As time has proven to repeat itself, a new major evolution is about to emerge. Through nostalgia for experience and the archaic. Experiencing the unknown or in some cases, reconnecting to/rediscovering ‘the lost known’ is the main theme that connects the selected works of the artists in this exhibition.

Illustration: Nanna Sofie Reseke


Floris Van Hoof
Siet Raeymaekers
Romy Eijckmans
Jim Campers
Tomas Dittborn

26/27-04 and 3/4-05 from 1PM until 5PM
Vernissage: 25 APRIL from 7PM

Live performances:
Siet and Tomas (Quanta Qualia) 25/04 at 8:30PM
Floris 25/04 at 9:30PM

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